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The first Avatar

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Nguyen Thanh Nhan

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you’re doing it all wrong if you’ve never dramatically yelled out loud ‘now everybody’s dead’ part from ‘robbers’

actually though

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Siegerland Motorway Church  |  Schneider+Schumacher

Location: Wilnsdorf, Germany

- The new construction consists of a square main structure (church) with two corner spires and an access bridge from the south-west. One enters the church, which appears to grow out of the mountain on closer inspection, via a crossing that turns into a covered entrance. The space inside is completely different to what one might expect from the exterior: an inner dome opens to form an altar area exclusively illuminated from above by natural light entering through the two spires.

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I know.

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macchp | Nicolás GOMES


macchp | Nicolás GOMES

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Look up.

Look up.

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watching the world pass us by


watching the world pass us by

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